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iPlayBits is a multimedia community with the best digital content for your cell phone. From playing fun races, breaking rows of candy, defeat the villains to save the princess and destroy a bunch of zombies. even win the soccer cup and share with your friends, give them "like" all from the palm of your hand.


All our content is safe for children ,parents can be sure

We have a security system, web certification and profile management.

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iPlayBits is the subscription service to play with the best titles on your phone.


iPlayBits is designed to enhance the experience anywhere, anytime. By getting your iPlayBits membership you can enjoy and instantly see all our content on your phone and you can get content with your subscription.



If you are not an iPlayBits member, subscribe and start enjoying immediately and without worry about the content that your children and you Look-Download How does iPlayBits work?


• iPlayBits membership gives you access to our content and get tickets (credits) that can accumulate or use them to download games, applications, ringtones, wallpapers and more of our content at an affordable weekly price.


• Share and save your favorite games and apps from your iPlayBits account, so we can suggest you the best titles for you.


• The downloads you make can be available for as long as you want in case you decide to change your  phone or deleted a title by mistake.


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Accomplish with a quality standard to offer the best current content, the most fun games and applications that are useful to you.

We optimize our content so that it can be functional in all high, medium and low  phones. We have device profiles to show you the appropriate version to your cell phone and you can have the fastest and best experience.

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Our content is secure. All our content is free of viruses and malicious programs that may harm your phone.

Security based on web standards as well as certification to offer the security and confidence of our users.

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